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Poor Interpretation Can Be Life Threatening

Posted by Suzy duMont-Perez on February 4, 2016

Imagine how you would feel if you were traveling in a foreign country where you didn’t speak the language well if at all. Now, imagine you’ve suddenly been seriously injured or fallen ill?

How would you feel if you couldn’t explain your symptoms to your Doctor or paramedics?

That’s a serious issue that faces Limited English Proficient (LEP) individuals in the United States if their local hospital hasn’t placed a priority on ensuring access to qualified interpreters.

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Partnering to Ensure Success: CMS Call Center Study

Posted by Suzy duMont-Perez on January 27, 2016

The 2016 Call Center Monitoring Study, to be conducted by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), is just around the corner. Is your call center prepared?

As you likely know, the CMS carries out this study every year beginning in February. The goal and methodology are simple enough, but the impact of their research is profound. As CMS representatives call through the member service phone numbers posing as Medicare and Medicaid recipients, they will be timing the call and checking for accuracy in the responses provided.

Based on the results of their assessment – among other factors – you will be awarded a star rating (1 to 5 stars) which then has a direct impact on how much money you are reimbursed for Medicare and Medicaid services as well as enrollment.

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Beyond Compliance: The Real Need for a Language Access Provider

Posted by Suzy duMont-Perez on December 23, 2015

Everyone realizes that healthcare organizations are required by law to provide a measure of language access to their patients:

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An Interpreter View: Barriers to Effective Communication

Posted by Stella Phelps, Spanish Senior Language Specialist on December 3, 2015


Our interpreters are our biggest asset. As part of our commitment to excellence, LanguageLine offers our interpreters training, plus guidance and information to improve their skills so they can facilitate the highest quality interpretation sessions possible. One of the communication avenues is our Interpreter Newsletter. Recently appearing in the latest edition, this entry light-heartedly reminds us how to respond to the differences and similarities in speech.

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Our Most Sincere Thanks.

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on November 25, 2015

During this season of giving thanks, we would like to take the time to reflect on all the elements of language access that make up LanguageLine.

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Think Locally... Speaking the Right Language

Posted by Greg Holt on November 20, 2015

U.S. Census data released this month provides detailed information about the more than 350 languages spoken at home across the United States by over 60 million people. The national tally demonstrates how immigration from around the globe continues to change the American cultural landscape. The local data identified by “Core-Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs),” provides counts of different language groups on a local level. For organizations with local service areas, this level of detail is a great way to identify potential service gaps and the need for language support.  

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"The Top 10 Languages"- From the U.S. Census

Posted by Greg Holt on November 13, 2015

Recently published U.S. Census data shows there are a record 63.2 million U.S. residents who speak a language other than English at home.  That’s 1 of 5 people. The Census uses over 380 categories to classify all the languages spoken, but nearly 80% of this group fall into top 10 languages.  That few?  Well, yes and no.  When you look closer at languages on this list, the linguistic and cultural diversity is striking.  It serves as a great reminder for any organization communicating with limited English proficient persons that all people from a particular language group are not the same.  Let's take a deeper dive and see some examples.

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Comprehensive Language Data from the U.S. Census Bureau

Posted by Greg Holt on November 5, 2015

This week, the U.S. Census Bureau released a new set of language data that highlights at least 350 languages spoken in the United States. For anyone seeking detailed data of languages spoken in their area, this release offers unprecedented proof of the linguistic diversity across the U.S. A look at the 15 Largest Metro Areas is striking view of the tip of the iceberg.

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Why Do 12 of the Top Hospitals in the U.S. Trust Us?

Posted by Suzy duMont-Perez on October 26, 2015

When you need to pick up milk on the way home, it doesn’t really matter which store you stop at. Sure, there may be some minor differences in price, and you’re going to consider which store is closest to the route you’re taking so you can get in and out quickly. But, in the end, it’s not an overly complicated decision and the end result will likely be the same.

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How Video Remote Interpreting Improves Patient Satisfaction Scores

Posted by Suzy duMont-Perez on October 22, 2015

When you’re in the hospital, comfort and peace of mind are just as valuable as receiving the best medical care available. But, if you can’t understand what your doctor or nurse is saying, and they can’t understand you, comfort and peace of mind are impossible.

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