Community & Communication at NHS Lanarkshire

We caught up with Hina Sheikh & Chris Kimber from NHS Lanarkshire to learn more about their experience with the InSight app. We also found out more about the local community in Lanarkshire and how inclusivity and communication go hand in hand.

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We’re MedTech Visionaries Award Winners

awardsWe’re proud to announce that we’ve won two awards at the MedTech Visionaries Awards: The Best TeleMed Solution and Best Overall MedTech Software for InSight.

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Overcoming the language barrier in Children's Hospitals

When it comes to communication between children, their families, and paediatric healthcare providers, it’s critical that everyone understands each other.

Add in a language barrier, and this understanding becomes all the more challenging.

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Best Practices for Healthcare Translations



The importance of providing translated materials to multicultural patients cannot be overemphasized.

Unfortunately, many healthcare organisations are not sure how to expand their language access programs to include healthcare translation services.

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Measuring the ROI of Language Services in Health Care


Quick and accurate communication is imperative in hospital settings.

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'It Was Like a Miracle': A Video-Interpreting Success Story



Alex Gonzalez is a registered nurse in the oncology unit at Salinas Valley Memorial Health System. SVMH is a public hospital in the United States of America that provides quality health services to patients of all ages throughout Monterey County, an agricultural hub where a quarter of the overall population are non-U.S. citizens and more than 40 percent are native Spanish speakers.

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