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Explaining the Difference Between Language Translation and Interpretation

Posted by Steve Bailey on 12-Nov-2019 02:02:58


As a language solutions provider, we know that clear communication is the first step to achieving understanding. We also know that some of the terminology in our industry can be confusing to someone who’s not familiar with it.

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How Hospitals Get Leadership Buy-In for On-Demand Video Interpreting

Posted by Steve Bailey on 28-Oct-2019 09:49:27


Imagine your child is in a hospital where she and her caregivers do not speak the same language. She is sick and probably feeling more than a little scared.

Then someone brings in a tablet, presses a button, and up comes an interpreter who resembles her and speaks her language. Suddenly, your child’s doctors and nurses understand not just what your child is saying, but what she means.

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Artificial Intelligence: Why Complex Tasks Need Human Linguists

Posted by Steve Bailey on 04-Oct-2019 06:14:00



The battle between humans and artificial intelligence has been portrayed as pitched warfare in the media—an “either/or” battle for which there can be only one victor.

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Overcoming the language barrier in Children's Hospitals

Posted by Steve Bailey on 26-Sep-2019 06:02:00

When it comes to communication between children, their families, and paediatric healthcare providers, it’s critical that everyone understands each other.

Add in a language barrier, and this understanding becomes all the more challenging.

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Video Interpreting in Children’s Hospitals

Posted by Steve Bailey on 19-Sep-2019 05:47:33




The use of video remote interpreting (VRI) has proved to be particularly effective with children and their families in hospital settings – even leading to a few pleasant surprises.

VRI is not a one-size-fits-all solution in a children’s hospital, however.

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Starting a Localisation Project? 15 Questions to Answer Before You Begin

Posted by Steve Bailey on 06-Sep-2019 10:53:00



Arriving at a website that wasn’t intended for you can feel a lot like traveling to a foreign country you hadn’t planned to visit.

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Does Your Call Centre Need a Language Services Provider?

Posted by Steve Bailey on 26-Aug-2019 10:38:00


8% of U.K. residents speak a language other than English at home. Working with a language services provider offers an easy-to-implement opportunity to expand an addressable market.

Considering nearly 10% of British people speak a language other than English at home, it is inevitable that your call centre will have customers who would like to converse in their preferred language.

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Why Price Can Be Misleading When Comparing Language Service Providers

Posted by Steve Bailey on 19-Aug-2019 10:46:00


When it comes to investing in language interpretation and translation, “price” and “cost” are two very different things.

Price is obviously one of the biggest factors when making a business decision. But when choosing a language service provider (LSP) to interpret the various business languages you serve, there is more to price than meets the eye.

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Best Practices for Healthcare Translations

Posted by Steve Bailey on 05-Aug-2019 09:13:00



The importance of providing translated materials to multicultural patients cannot be overemphasized.

Unfortunately, many healthcare organisations are not sure how to expand their language access programs to include healthcare translation services.

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Measuring the ROI of Language Services in Health Care

Posted by Steve Bailey on 29-Jul-2019 08:20:00


Quick and accurate communication is imperative in hospital settings.

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