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LanguageLine COVID-19 Business Continuity Update

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on 30-Mar-2020 12:45:51


LanguageLine Solution’s services – the services with which it supports you and the people that you in turn support every day, have been purposely designed with the very highest levels of business continuity built-in.

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What Content Should Your Organisation Translate During the COVID-19 Health Emergency?

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on 27-Mar-2020 08:11:49


During a period in which there is an urgent need to distribute information about coronavirus (COVID-19), it is vital to remember the diverse cultural population of this UK. 

A natural question for healthcare providers, government agencies, and businesses would be, “What content should I prioritise having translated?”

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Can Limited-English Speakers Use Telehealth/video consultations? The Answer is ‘Yes.’..

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on 23-Mar-2020 02:38:00

Limited English speakers can use telehealth LanguageLine

The use of telehealth or video consultations is rapidly expanding. Particularly during a health emergency in which the risk of infection is high and the need for care is urgent, physicians are seeking to meet with patients remotely using virtual telehealth solutions.

Given the highly contagious nature of the coronavirus (COVID-19), some healthcare providers can facilitate a remote consultation with their patients from a distance via video-conferencing platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype, as well as traditional telemedicine platforms.

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LanguageLine Solutions (UK) Business Continuity during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on 10-Mar-2020 10:47:00

Update 10th March 2020

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CASE STUDY: Cancer Centre Implements Video Interpreting for On-Demand Language Access

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on 29-Jan-2020 08:17:31




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We’re MedTech Visionaries Award Winners

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on 14-Jan-2020 06:58:07

awardsWe’re proud to announce that we’ve won two awards at the MedTech Visionaries Awards: The Best TeleMed Solution and Best Overall MedTech Software for InSight.

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CASE STUDY: Vancouver Airport Uses Video Interpreting to Assist Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on 24-Dec-2019 03:26:25

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LanguageLine’s Insight on-demand video interpreting solution has been shortlisted as a finalist for the HSJ Partnership Awards 2020

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on 12-Dec-2019 05:00:47


We are delighted to announce that our video interpreting solution, Insight, has been shortlisted for the MedTech, Device or Hardware Innovation Award at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2020, in recognition of our dedication to helping health professionals improve accessibility and deliver outstanding healthcare.

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Five Business Languages You'll Need to Connect with Customers in 2020

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on 27-Nov-2019 05:51:38


The pace of globalisation is accelerating, to the extent that total exports from the UK reached £637bn in September 2018. Meanwhile, three-quarters of internet users already speak a language other than English, and that percentage is expected to grow.

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WATCH: One of America's Largest Utilities Companies Places Video Interpreting in their Walk-In Centres

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on 19-Nov-2019 08:30:00


Con Edison operate one of the world’s largest energy delivery systems. Founded in 1823, they now provide energy for over 10 million people in New York City and Westchester County, New York.

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