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How Customers Can 'Skip the Line' in Reaching Over the Phone Interpreters

Posted by Greg Marshall on January 16, 2019

Contact Centers Improve Satisfaction and Productivity, Reduce Costs as Customers Can "Skip the Line" for Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Most organizations today are striving for inclusion. One in five U.S. residents speaks a language other than English at home—that’s more than 64 million people. Contact centers, in particular, are seeking to deliver an optimal experience to customers who speak limited English.  

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LINER NOTES: Why Interpreters ‘Make Really Lousy Spies’

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on January 14, 2019

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Evaluating Video Remote Interpreting Providers: 5 Factors To Consider

Posted by Julie Carson on January 11, 2019

More organizations are recognizing the power of video remote interpreting (VRI) as a way to connect with people face-to-face. It’s especially useful for communicating with people who are deaf or hard of hearing and in situations when more personal interaction is needed.

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LINER NOTES: More Than Half of U.S. Teachers Concerned About Language Barriers with Parents

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on January 8, 2019

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Three Surprising Diversity Statistics That Could Help Shape 2019

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on January 3, 2019

North America grows more linguistically and culturally diverse each year. There is a great deal of nuance within these population shifts.

Courtesy of the Pew Research Center, these statistics stood out to us as ones that could shape trends for 2019.

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Two-Way Radio Wrinkle Gives Police Instant Access to Interpreter Services

Posted by Greg Marshall on December 21, 2018

Each of us has a resolution for when the calendar turns – a goal to take something old, give it a wrinkle, and make it new again.

The portable two-way radios worn by police officers and other first responders are getting a similar rejuvenation. This new language-access upgrade to an existing technology empowers emergency workers to instantly reach interpreter services when every second counts.

The result is a better outcome for all concerned. Police and community members are able to quickly communicate in a streamlined fashion that saves time and money. Most importantly, the community benefits as officers are able to swiftly harness interpreter services and thus communicate more effectively.

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LISTEN: How Customization Can Fix Your Phone Maze and Provide a Consistent Patient Experience

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on December 14, 2018

Many healthcare providers and insurers place a great deal of emphasis on providing a positive experience at the “moment of truth” – that is, the point at which the limited-English speaker meets face to face with a physician or agent.

Often left unchecked is the phone experience, when the limited-English speaker returns home and must connect by phone.

Regrettably, the experience limited-English speakers have once they leave the building is an afterthought for many healthcare providers and insurers, as the pre- and post-visit portions of the journey are left incomplete when it comes to language assistance.

This challenge was discussed in our latest webinar, “How Customized Call Flows Are Fixing the Phone Maze for Limited-English Patients and Members.”

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Police Department Uses Video Interpreter App to Communicate with Deaf Community

Posted by The LanguageLine Solutions Team on December 13, 2018

When it comes to communicating with the police, citizens with hearing difficulty frequently have a hard time feeling heard.

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How Bilingual Call Centers Can Handle Overflows – and Delight Multicultural Customers in the Process

Posted by Greg Marshall on December 6, 2018

The Funnel is dead. Long live the Flywheel.

For years, organizations tracked sales based on where the prospect was in the “funnel,” which focused on generating traffic, then converting and closing leads.

The problem? Funnels produced customers, but they didn’t consider how those customers could help an organization grow. The momentum that was built in acquiring the customer was gone once the sale closed. Each day, funnel-devotees had to start anew; meanwhile, the customer became an afterthought.

Enter the flywheel, which puts the customer at the center. In this model, just as much attention is devoted to servicing and delighting the customer as the prospect.

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Asian-American Consumers: What the Financial Services Industry Needs to Know

Posted by Saul Schulman on December 3, 2018

As the fastest-growing ethnic group in the country, Asian-Americans make up an important market segment for a variety of industries.

Because they are also the most affluent and educated of any U.S. racial or ethnic group, they are a key market for personal financial instruments.

Here’s what the financial services industry needs to know to reach this important demographic.

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