Clear communication has never been more essential. Our upcoming webinar is for those who look at their materials and find them too long, poorly organized, or full of jargon and insider language.

At LanguageLine, we consider “plain English” to be a language of its own. Our clients are consistently amazed at how much customer experience improves when they speak it.

Improving Customer Experience with Language Access Services

We invite you to attend our next webinar, “Clarity and the Customer Experience: Language Simplification in Written & Digital Communications,” occurring Wednesday, August 12, 3PM ET/12PM PT.  You will hear a large health insurance organization describe how “plain English” and a re-design of corporate communications dramatically increased customer engagement, improved member experience, and reduced overall costs. 

Our own expert will present best practices on simplifying:

  • Marketing materials
  • Customer letters and notices
  • Bills, statements, and forms
  • Employee communications
  • Websites
  • Disclosure documents

This webinar is ideal for those whose job descriptions include:

  • Marketing/Marketing Communications
  • Customer Experience (CX)
  • Customer Service
  • Branding
  • Governance
  • IT or Systems

We invite you to register for “Clarity and the Customer Experience.” We look forward to connecting August 12.