Does Your Call Centre Need a Language Services Provider?


8% of U.K. residents speak a language other than English at home. Working with a language services provider offers an easy-to-implement opportunity to expand an addressable market.

Considering nearly 10% of British people speak a language other than English at home, it is inevitable that your call centre will have customers who would like to converse in their preferred language.

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Why Price Can Be Misleading When Comparing Language Service Providers


When it comes to investing in language interpretation and translation, “price” and “cost” are two very different things.

Price is obviously one of the biggest factors when making a business decision. But when choosing a language service provider (LSP) to interpret the various business languages you serve, there is more to price than meets the eye.

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Best Practices for Healthcare Translations



The importance of providing translated materials to multicultural patients cannot be overemphasized.

Unfortunately, many healthcare organisations are not sure how to expand their language access programs to include healthcare translation services.

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Measuring the ROI of Language Services in Health Care


Quick and accurate communication is imperative in hospital settings.

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New eBook: Preparing for Localisation


The internet has opened the door to any company that wants to go global.

With one click, a consumer can now buy shoes from Paris while lying in bed in Beijing or sitting in a Buenos Aires coffee shop.

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How to Avoid Seven Common Localisation Mistakes



If your organisation has decided to undertake a localisation project, you’ve already taken an important step toward expanding your reach to a global audience.

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How Hospitals Are Using Video Remote Interpreting to Communicate with Multicultural Patients




Like many places in the United Kingdom and throughout the United States, Spartanburg, South Carolina, is seeing its diversity grow.

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Changing Language Service Providers? How to Pick the Right Alternative



The bad news is your language service provider isn’t right for you anymore.

Now the good news: You have an opportunity to start fresh with a new provider. And, if you do it right, you can make the switch seamlessly, without impacting the individuals you serve or inconveniencing your staff. Before making the switch, here are five steps you should take to ensure you select and transition to the right provider.

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E-Book: Why Language Is an Essential Element of the ‘Bank of the Future’


In financial circles, much of the discussion around the “bank of the future” has revolved around digitisation—bringing the in-branch experience to the user, wherever he or she maybe.

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'It Was Like a Miracle': A Video-Interpreting Success Story



Alex Gonzalez is a registered nurse in the oncology unit at Salinas Valley Memorial Health System. SVMH is a public hospital in the United States of America that provides quality health services to patients of all ages throughout Monterey County, an agricultural hub where a quarter of the overall population are non-U.S. citizens and more than 40 percent are native Spanish speakers.

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