Case Study: Top Multicultural City Calls LanguageLine In An Emergency

Experiencing an emergency is frightening – even more so if you speak a language other than English. This is often the case in Toronto, which is among the most international cities in the world.

Known across the globe as a multicultural city, there are more than 200 languages spoken by its residents, to say nothing of its visitors.

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CASE STUDY: As Diversity Grows, Minnesota 911 Uses On-Demand Interpreting

911 interpretation services

When you’re in an emergency and you need help, sometimes it’s hard to even dial the phone, let alone find the right words to say to a 911 dispatcher. So imagine if English wasn’t your first language. In an emergency, you’d still need to make yourself understood so that you could get the right help in the right place.

The State of Minnesota uses LanguageLine Solutions to provide 911 interpretation services over the phone.

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Five Tips To Get the Most Out of Your Interpreting Session

Get the most out of your translation session.

Interpretation sessions can be of huge importance to all involved. After all, these calls do things like ensure justice, save lives, and welcome newborns.

Each is totally unique and of special importance to the non-English speaker on the other end of the line. The same is true of callers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Singular as these calls may be, there are common ways that you can partner with a LanguageLine interpreter to get the best result from your session.

Here are five tips that will help you work with a LanguageLine interpreter most effectively.

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Pexip, LanguageLine Integration: Seamless Access to Telehealth Interpreters

LanguageLine Pexip Telehealth

Pexip, a video communication platform that empowers large organizations to transform their operations, now natively integrates with LanguageLine Solutions. The integration empowers users with one-touch, on-demand access to professional interpreters in more than 240 languages. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Users of Pexip and virtually any compatible telehealth platform (including Zoom, Amwell, and can seamlessly connect with LanguageLine interpreters within seconds.

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LanguageLine Announces Integration with Epic EHR

LanguageLine Epic EHR integration

LanguageLine Solutions’ interpreting app is now available in Epic’s App Market, the company announced today. Once the LanguageLine app is implemented, clinicians can invite a professional medical interpreter directly from the Epic EHR platform in more than 240 languages.

LanguageLine is the world’s foremost supplier of on-demand interpretation and translation services, as well as the language-service industry's technology leader. Thousands of healthcare organizations – including 19 of North America’s top 20 hospital systems - currently use LanguageLine for on-demand interpretation. The integration with Epic extends the power of the LanguageLine app to the charting application physicians use for nearly every appointment.

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LanguageLine EHR Integration Unlocks Operational Efficiencies, Better Care

LanguageLine EHR integration

We are pleased to announce that LanguageLine Solutions can now integrate with EHR (electronic health record) systems. This stands to greatly improve both operational efficiency and healthcare equality because it makes professional medical interpretation instantly available in every hospital room, doctor’s office, and community clinic that uses an EHR.

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LanguageLine Is a Certified Great Place to Work – Again (and Again)

LanguageLine great place to work

LanguageLine Solutions, the world leader in on-demand language access, announced today it is Great Place to Work Certified for the third consecutive year. The certification is based on an extensive employee survey and an in-depth culture evaluation.

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Case Study: General Devices, LanguageLine Partner for Emergency Services

LanguageLine General Devices translation emergency services

General Devices has partnered with LanguageLine Solutions to provide seamless access to video interpretation on its e-Bridge communication platform, the company announced today. First responders will now be able to quickly bring a professional language interpreter virtually on-scene within seconds.

The service includes American Sign Language.

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Webinar: How Far Can Mobile Interpreting Take Us?

smartphone interpreting

As with any new technology, smartphone-based interpreting raises fresh questions. For example:

  • When is a smartphone an appropriate interpreting modality?
  • Which staff members should have access to the interpreting app?
  • How do I manage my language budget when access to interpretation is more widespread?
  • How do I secure buy-in from decision-makers?
  • What are best practices for implementing mobile interpreting?
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Extended Care, LanguageLine Partner to Provide Inclusive Telehealth

LanguageLine Extended Care telehealth

Extended Care LLC, a leading global provider of telehealth as a clinically integrated, configurable, enterprise-class experience, today announced a partnership with LanguageLine Solutions to provide on-demand interpretation in more than 240 languages on the platform.

LanguageLine is recognized as the global leader in on-demand interpretation and translation, providing language access to thousands of healthcare organizations across North America, including 19 of the top 20 hospital systems and 72 of the Fortune 100.

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