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Happy New Year, friends. With a new year comes a new look for LanguageLine Solutions. Today we have the great pleasure of unveiling our new website.

The need for language access is ever-increasing. Already, one in five of our neighbors speaks a language other than English at home – that’s 64 million people. This number is bound to increase, as immigration will account for nearly 90 percent of our population increase over the next four decades. In just 25 years, our foreign-born population is expected to be 72 million, which is almost double what it is today.

Meanwhile, another 10 million are deaf or hard of hearing. This population is also expected to dramatically increase as Baby Boomers age.

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LanguageLine Can Help

All of this is to say that each day, new organizations from every possible sector are realizing they need language services. We hope that when they come to our site, they find an experience that is intuitive and educational. We hope they quickly discover that LanguageLine is eager to partner with any organization that seeks to welcome all people, regardless of language, culture, or ability.

 More than anything, we hope visitors will see us as we see ourselves: a committed team that envisions a world in which language and cultural barriers no longer exist.

We’ve worked hard to make our new site easy to navigate. Just in case, here are links to resources that are frequently accessed by our partners:

At LanguageLine, we proudly create opportunities from linguistic and cultural challenges. We hope that someday soon, we’ll be able to have a conversation about the opportunities that lie within your organization.