Language Access in Telehealth

Healthcare organizations are adopting telehealth technology at an impressive rate.

Legislation, escalating costs to deliver traditional services, and overall population health management have accelerated interest in telemedicine solutions. More than half of hospitals are expected to have installed telehealth technology by 2020. Especially in heretofore underserved populations, telehealth stands to dramatically improve the delivery of quality care to areas where it has been challenging - if not impossible - to access.

But for telemedicine platforms to truly be revolutionary, they must be able to hear every voice, including those that speak a language other than English. In other words, if you are building a telehealth solution without limited-English speakers in mind – stop!

The unfortunate truth is that many telehealth platforms fail to take into account the need to communicate with the 25 million limited-English speakers living in the United States, as well as the 10 million residents who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

DOWNLOAD: The Vital Role of Language Access in Telehealth

Implementing a telehealth platform without language access is akin to constructing an ultra-modern building without wheelchair ramps. It leaves a large group without access, and it will inevitably result in an expensive retrofit.

In our latest eBook, The Vital Role of Language Access in Telehealth, we show healthcare providers how they can build a telemedicine platform that accommodates multiple languages from the start, as well as how existing systems can be modified to allow for language access. 

This eBook provides:

  • A detailed explanation of the critical role language access must play in telehealth
  • A rundown of the telehealth scenarios in which language access is most applicable
  • A checklist to make sure your telehealth system is compatible with language support

We invite you to download The Vital Role of Language Access in Telehealth today, and take the first step toward building a telehealth platform that meets the diverse needs of your patients.

Consult with LanguageLine

LanguageLine would enjoy consulting with you as you embark on your telehealth journey. We have been the global leader in innovative language access solutions since 1982, and we pride ourselves on being the provider of choice for telemedicine organizations. We see great potential for telehealth to broaden access to care, and we enjoy the process of making telemedicine platforms available to all citizens.

Please contact us today so we can learn more about your goals for telehealth.

DOWNLOAD: The Vital Role of Language Access in Telehealth