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Many healthcare providers and insurers place a great deal of emphasis on providing a positive experience at the “moment of truth” – that is, the point at which the limited-English speaker meets face to face with a physician or agent.

Often left unchecked is the phone experience, when the limited-English speaker returns home and must connect by phone.

Regrettably, the experience limited-English speakers have once they leave the building is an afterthought for many healthcare providers and insurers, as the pre- and post-visit portions of the journey are left incomplete when it comes to language assistance.

This challenge was discussed in our latest webinar, “How Customized Call Flows Are Fixing the Phone Maze for Limited-English Patients and Members.”

To remedy this issue, several high-performing organizations are implementing custom call flows that empower limited-English speakers to contact them with a qualified interpreter already on the line. Their patients and members now have a seamless in-language experience from one end of a call to the other, making hang-ups and transfers a thing of the past.

Our outstanding guest speaker was Corinne (Cori) Grandle, Linguistic Services Administrator at TriHealth, a top integrated system in Greater Cincinnati. She was joined by Greg Marshall, LanguageLine’s solution manager for over-the-phone interpreting.

Click here to listen to the webinar.

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