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Can You Take a Spanish Interpreter With You Everywhere You Go?

Posted by Suzanne Franks on August 13, 2015

Personal interpreter. Mobile. LanguageLine.Worldwide, Spanish is second only to Mandarin in the number of native speakers at more than 500 million.  In comparison, native English speakers only number about 360 million worldwide.  With a large and growing population of Spanish speakers living in the United States and Mexico, one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries just south of the U.S. border, the chances of the average American needing a Spanish interpreter have never been higher.

There are lots of real world situations every day that would be faster, easier, and more convenient if a language barrier didn’t get in the way:

  • If you run a retail business, and want to be able to serve Spanish-speaking customers just as well as English-speaking customers, you could use an interpreter.
  • If you work in a hospital or doctor’s office and your patient speaks Spanish, they wouldn’t experience the same level of care without a professional interpreter.
  • You’re traveling in a city with a large Spanish speaking population and someone stops and asks you for directions, or you need to stop someone and ask for directions
  • You’re craving real, authentic Mexican cuisine, but you need to let them know about your gluten allergy.

 In all these cases, having a professional Spanish interpreter available in an instant would be perfect.

And now, that’s exactly what you can have.

The Personal Interpreter App by LanguageLine Solutions provides instant access to professional Spanish interpreters any time of the day or night, 365 days a year, at the touch of a button. Simply set up your free account and pay-as-you-go.  No contracts, no hassles.

Watch the Personal Interpreter Video Demo to see how it works: 

Learn more about how you can have an “interpreter in your pocket” and open up the language barriers in any situation or location.   

Learn More About the  Spanish Personal Interpreter App



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