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WEBINAR: How Customized Call Flows Are Fixing the Phone Maze for Limited-English Patients and Members

Two Ways Banks Can Better Communicate with Multicultural Customers (According to Our Interpreters)

REPORT: Limited-English Voters Could Have Massive Impact on Congress in Today’s Election

How Banks Can Reach Hispanic Consumers

CASE STUDY: How Language Access Is Improving Safety in Kentucky's Most Diverse City

CASE STUDY: How Video Interpreting Is Being Used to Improve Community Policing

The Great Unbanked: How Language Access Can Help Financial Institutions Reach an Under-Served Market

NEW eBOOK: Multicultural Consumers & the Bank of the Future

Declaring Our 'Why'

CASE STUDY: How Video Interpreting Is Encouraging Limited-English Speakers To Turn Out On Election Day

What’s the Difference Between Localization, Internationalization and Globalization?

Five Business Languages Your Company Should Learn by 2025

Eight Steps Medicare Plans Can Take to Enroll More Limited-English Speakers

'It Was Like a Miracle': A Video-Interpreting Success Story

Open Enrollment is Coming. Here Are Six Things Insurers Can Do to Improve Communication with Non-English Speakers

Why Pharmacies Need Language Access

Language Training for Medical Staff Can Keep Health Care from Getting Lost in Translation

Emergency Management Plans Should Incorporate Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Citizens

Language Assistance Must be a Priority During Emergency Response

What Language Will Your Customers Speak In 2030?

UPCOMING WEBINAR: How Mount Sinai Put a Cutting Edge Language-Access Program into Action

CASE STUDY: City of Houston Deploys Video in Evacuation Exercise

Webinar: How Healthcare Organizations Can Ensure the Quality of Interpreters and Bilingual Staff

CASE STUDY: Rural Colorado Medical Center Uses Grant Funds to Purchase Interpreter on Wheels

What’s the Role of SEO in Website Translation?

Infographic: How Can Personal Interpreter Services Help You?

How Community Health Centers Can Get Quick Access to a Language Interpreter

Three Reasons Insurance Companies Need a Single, Comprehensive Interpreting Agency

Infographic: Why Financial Services Are Banking on Multicultural Consumers

Does Your Interpreter Training Program Have These Essentials?

What Is Localization, And When Do You Need It?

Why More Retailers Are Using Video Remote Interpreting to Reach Multicultural Consumers

Millions of Dollars Are On the Line. Is Your Organization Doing All It Can to Secure Five Stars?

How Independent Insurance Agents Can Use Language Services to Expand

What 2017 Taught Insurance Companies About the Need for Language Services

CASE STUDY: How The Mount Sinai Hospital Implemented Mobile Interpretation

Interpreter and Translator are America's Top Emerging Careers

Is Your Organization Ready for New Language-Access Laws Coming in 2018?

Measuring the ROI of Language Services in Health Care

Multicultural ‘Super’ Consumers Are Buying: Are You Selling?

How to Determine Your Needs for Medical Document Translation

VIDEO: Earliest Adopter of Video Remote Interpreting Reports Significant Improvements

How the Travel Industry Can Use Language to Gain Loyal International Customers

Why Onsite Interpreters Charge a Two-Hour Minimum

When to Work with an Onsite Interpreter

Five Takeaways from California's Groundbreaking Language-Access Law

Three Technologies That Are Improving Interpreter-Connect Times

Free Webinar: Onsite & Video Remote Interpreting - How to Choose the Appropriate Modality

Switching Language Service Providers? 5 Steps for a Smooth Transition

ACA Open Enrollment Starts Nov. 1, But Has the Nation’s Multicultural Population Heard the News?

Study: Patients and Physicians Don't Speak the Same Language

Switching Language Service Providers? How to Choose the Right Alternative

Report: More Than 40 Percent of California Residents Speak a Language Other Than English at Home

Why Price Can Be Misleading When Comparing Language Service Providers

How Marketers Are Using Language to Attract Multicultural Consumers

Case Study: Monterey Hospital Uses Video Remote Interpreting to Bridge Gap for Patient Six Thousand Miles from Home

How Quality and Security Are Ensured With Remote Interpreters

Beyoncé Is Back With Bilingual Remix - and Fundraising for Relief Efforts

Why Language Services Are Critical to the Future of Retail

Latina Buying Power Is On The Rise

Case Study: Doctor, Patient Break Down Communication Barrier with the Help of Dual-Handset Phone

By 2055, Asian-Americans Will Be The Nation's Largest Immigrant Group. Is Your Business Ready?

Vital Signs: ASL Interpreters Are A Connection to the Deaf Community That Should Not Be Compromised

‘Lifeguard in the Yellow Shirt’ Should Be a Red Flag for Local Governments When It Comes to Sign-Language Interpreting

Five Retail Insights on Multicultural Buying Habits

Census: More than 20 percent of U.S. residents speak a language other than English at home

Report Shows Diverse Language Preferences Among Insurance Consumers

16 Stats That Show The Language Access Needs of Medicare Beneficiaries

Hispanic Student Enrollment in U.S. Doubled Over Last 20 Years

What Does Meaningful Access Really Mean?­­

Case Study: Texas Town Sets Language-Access Example

Evaluating Video Remote Interpreting Providers: 5 Factors To Consider

What Code of Conduct Do Language Interpreters and Translators Follow?

Addressing Five Common Concerns Hospitals Have About Video Remote Interpreting

Best Practices to Ensure Compliance When Using Video Remote Interpreting

The Six Medical Documents You Must Translate to Remain Compliant

Case Study: How a Veteran School Nurse Used Language Solutions to Address Shifting Student Needs

What's The Difference Between Language Translation and Interpretation?

What 'Despacito' Means for Language Translation

Could Your Organization Benefit from Video Remote Interpreting? Ask Yourself These Questions.

Tips for Working With an Onsite Interpreter

How to Ensure You Are Getting the Highest-Quality Interpreters for Your Business Meetings

Navigating a New Frontier: Implementing Video Remote Interpreting

Does Your Call Center Really Need a Language Services Provider?

Case Study: Providing Language Access to a Swelling Immigrant Population

Why Healthcare Employees Need a Mobile Interpreter App

5 Ways to Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates Among Minorities

Measuring the ROI of Language Services In Business

Ensuring Effective Communication For Deaf or Hard of Hearing Patients

#FinHealthMatters: The Role of Language In Financial Literacy

The Tool You Need to Bridge the Gap to Multicultural Customers Is Already in Your Employees' Pockets

INFOGRAPHIC: How Language Access Improves Patient Care

Infographic: How Language Access Helps Government Agencies Build Public Trust

Language Translation Lingo You Need To Know Before Starting A Global Project

How to Plan for a Smooth Website Translation and Localization Project

The Most Important Business Languages in the Global Market

Three Metrics to Determine the ROI of Language Access for Government

4 Ways Government Agencies Can Maximize Their Investment in Language Services

Global Love Day: 14 Unique Ways Love is Celebrated Around the World

How Does an Interpreter Cope with Difficult Calls? (Video)

How to Improve Minority Health Through the Removal of Language Barriers

'I Am There' - An Interpreter's Story (Video)

How U.S. Businesses Are Reaching 25 Million Customers They Used to Ignore

Making the Case for Qualified Medical Interpreters

Will the Status of the ACA Impact Language Services in Healthcare?

Know What You’re Getting: Comparing Translation Services

3 Tech Evolutions Changing Language Interpretation Services

3 Life-Changing Language Interpretation Calls from the Past Year

Part II: 4 More Population Trends Shaping Language Services

4 Population Trends Shaping Language Services in 2017

Are You Maximizing Your Investment in Language Services?

Please Check In Animals & Alcoholics: 9 Signs Lost in Translation

How to Spot High-Quality Language Interpreters

5 Elements of an Effective Language Access Plan

Should You Use Phone, Onsite, or Video Remote Interpreting?

Three Good Reasons Not to Skimp on Language Services

Who Should Lead the Implementation of Your Language Access Plan?

Choosing a Language Services Provider? Consider These 4 Factors

We Are Thankful in All Languages

LanguageLine’s Newest “Language” — Plain English

Decisions...Decisions...Language Access Decisions...

Language Speaks Many Flavors

How Fast Can a Translator Translate if a Translator Translates Fast?

A Mile in Their Shoes

Disruptive Innovation: Change is Scary

Effective Language Access: The Challenge for Educators

Need Help Complying with ACA’s Final Rule?

Technology's Impact on Interpretation Services

Understanding Cultural and Traditional Practices Improves Patient Care

OnSite Interpreters Handle Difficult Health Care Situations

Medical Translation: Is Translation of Vital Documents Enough?

5 Reasons Health Care Providers Need Medical Interpreters

How Can a Professional Business Interpreter Make Your Job Easier?

Partnering with Professional Translation Services Expands Global Growth

3 Reasons to Keep a Language Interpreter in Your Pocket When Traveling

Video Interpreting: A Success Story

Ready for the Future of Interpreting Services?

Translation Services: It's the Law, and It's a Good Thing! (Part 2)

Translation Services: It’s the Law, and It’s a Good Thing!

Poor Interpretation Can Be Life Threatening

Partnering to Ensure Success: CMS Call Center Study

Beyond Compliance: The Real Need for a Language Access Provider

An Interpreter View: Barriers to Effective Communication

Our Most Sincere Thanks.

Think Locally... Speaking the Right Language

"The Top 10 Languages"- From the U.S. Census

Comprehensive Language Data from the U.S. Census Bureau

Why Do 12 of the Top Hospitals in the U.S. Trust Us?

How Video Remote Interpreting Improves Patient Satisfaction Scores

Video Remote Interpreting – Hospital Perspective from Seton Healthcare

Interview with a Video Interpreter

Localization Links Global Business to Local Culture

The 6 Medical Documents You Must Translate to Remain Compliant

Is Your Business Ignoring 25 Million People in the U.S.?

Video Interpreter Tool for LEP Customers

Effective Language Access: A Back-to-School Nightmare for Educators?

Can You Take a Spanish Interpreter With You Everywhere You Go?

Being Bilingual Doesn’t Make You an Interpreter

When Personal Preference Affects Language Translation

Bridging Language Barriers in Healthcare Through Education

Can Google Translate Kill the Language Access Industry?

Top Lessons Learned from Interpreters

The Story of a Nurse, Amy, and How She Works With A Video Interpreter

Ensuring the Competency of Your Bilingual Staff

Use a Professional Interpreter Instead of Bilingual Family or Staff

The Personal Interpreter - Don’t Leave Home Without One

Interpreter or Translator: Challenging the Traditional Definition

Are Retailers Missing Opportunities With Multicultural Customers?

Exceptional Localization and Translation Strategy

What to Do if a 911 Caller Doesn't Speak English - Part Two

What To Do if a 911 Caller Doesn't Speak English - Part One

Life as a Medical Interpreter Working with LEP Patients

U.S. Banks Can Boost Revenue by Helping Immigrants

Pharmacy Regulation for Language Access Service

“The Future Skill Sets of Interpreters” at CHIA Conference

Cardiovascular Care Education for Hispanic Patients

Optimize Your Success in the 2015 CMS Secret Shopper Campaign

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