Today is National Interpreter Appreciation Day. Our interpreters are the beating heart of LanguageLine Solutions. Their combination of skill and compassion leave the rest of us in awe. Each day, they help ensure justice, save lives, and build futures.

Our interpreters are quite simply remarkable at what they do. We are deeply fortunate to have them on a team that today is over 15,000 strong.

Also, they are emblematic of the diversity that we so value as an organization. Thanks to them, we are rich in ways that most organizations could never dream possible. We are better together thanks to our interpreters.

To commemorate this day, I had the privilege of interviewing two of our most distinguished interpreters, Elita Hill and Jenny Gonzalez. They represented their colleagues well, to say the least.

 Our interpreters enable us to envision a world in which language and cultural barriers no longer exist. The work they do is transformational. This deserves recognition not just today, but each and every day.