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Changing Language Service Providers? How to Pick the Right Alternative

Posted by Steve Bailey on 17-Jun-2019 08:46:00



The bad news is your language service provider isn’t right for you anymore.

Now the good news: You have an opportunity to start fresh with a new provider. And, if you do it right, you can make the switch seamlessly, without impacting the individuals you serve or inconveniencing your staff. Before making the switch, here are five steps you should take to ensure you select and transition to the right provider.

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The Difference Between Localisation, Internationalisation and Globalisation?

Posted by Steve Bailey on 23-Apr-2019 09:10:00

It is vitally important that any brand introducing a new product to a global marketplace needs to consider localisation, internationalisation and globalisation well before the launch. This is not only to present a clear and professional image of the brand but also to avoid any confusion or embarrassment when dealing with multi-national clients.globalization_globe_2

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Five Business Languages Your Company Should Learn

Posted by Steve Bailey on 15-Apr-2019 03:13:14

The reality of our world’s increasingly globalised society could, in the future, pose a big stumbling block for these businesses who do not invest in interpretation and translation.

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