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How Hospitals Are Using Video Remote Interpreting to Communicate with Multicultural Patients

Posted by Steve Bailey on 25-Jun-2019 08:20:00




Like many places in the United Kingdom and throughout the United States, Spartanburg, South Carolina, is seeing its diversity grow.

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Changing Language Service Providers? How to Pick the Right Alternative

Posted by Steve Bailey on 17-Jun-2019 08:46:00



The bad news is your language service provider isn’t right for you anymore.

Now the good news: You have an opportunity to start fresh with a new provider. And, if you do it right, you can make the switch seamlessly, without impacting the individuals you serve or inconveniencing your staff. Before making the switch, here are five steps you should take to ensure you select and transition to the right provider.

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E-Book: Why Language Is an Essential Element of the ‘Bank of the Future’

Posted by Steve Bailey on 04-Jun-2019 10:05:00


In financial circles, much of the discussion around the “bank of the future” has revolved around digitisation—bringing the in-branch experience to the user, wherever he or she maybe.

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'It Was Like a Miracle': A Video-Interpreting Success Story

Posted by Steve Bailey on 28-May-2019 09:37:00



Alex Gonzalez is a registered nurse in the oncology unit at Salinas Valley Memorial Health System. SVMH is a public hospital in the United States of America that provides quality health services to patients of all ages throughout Monterey County, an agricultural hub where a quarter of the overall population are non-U.S. citizens and more than 40 percent are native Spanish speakers.

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How Video Interpreting Is Being Used to Improve Community Policing

Posted by Steve Bailey on 21-May-2019 08:28:32

This is community policing on steroids.”


These were the words of Nassau County (NY) Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder when he announced the implementation of the LanguageLine InSight Video Interpreting application in his U.S. county’s patrol vehicles.

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Can Your Organisation Benefit from Video Remote Interpreting?

Posted by Steve Bailey on 09-May-2019 09:12:00

Nearly 8% of the United Kingdom’s population speaks a language other than English as their first. That’s nearly 3 million people and amongst those that recognise English as their first language, over 8 million identify as deaf or hard of hearing.


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The Difference Between Localisation, Internationalisation and Globalisation?

Posted by Steve Bailey on 23-Apr-2019 09:10:00

It is vitally important that any brand introducing a new product to a global marketplace needs to consider localisation, internationalisation and globalisation well before the launch. This is not only to present a clear and professional image of the brand but also to avoid any confusion or embarrassment when dealing with multi-national clients.globalization_globe_2

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Five Business Languages Your Company Should Learn

Posted by Steve Bailey on 15-Apr-2019 03:13:14

The reality of our world’s increasingly globalised society could, in the future, pose a big stumbling block for these businesses who do not invest in interpretation and translation.

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Successfully Implementing Video Remote Interpretation

Posted by Steve Bailey on 12-Mar-2019 02:40:00

InSight_iPadMore organisations are recognizing the power of video remote interpreting to connect with customers instantly, providing the benefits of face-to-face interaction at a fraction of the cost.

Actually implementing it, however, feels a lot like navigating a new frontier. It’s unfamiliar territory, and there are few precedents or guidelines to look at.

If your team is ready to forge onward and you don’t know where to start, here are a few quick tips we’ve put together for you.

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Overcoming language barriers face-to-face

Posted by Steve Bailey on 08-Mar-2019 02:33:00

It is no secret that our world is increasingly becoming more digitalised. Where once we had customer assistants, we now have apps. Where there were retail outlets, we now have online platforms and overnight deliveries. “Bites” have become “bytes,” as even fast food can be ordered on your smartphone.


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