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Partnering to Ensure Success: CMS Call Center Study

Posted by Suzy duMont-Perez on January 27, 2016

The 2016 Call Center Monitoring Study, to be conducted by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), is just around the corner. Is your call center prepared?

As you likely know, the CMS carries out this study every year beginning in February. The goal and methodology are simple enough, but the impact of their research is profound. As CMS representatives call through the member service phone numbers posing as Medicare and Medicaid recipients, they will be timing the call and checking for accuracy in the responses provided.

Based on the results of their assessment – among other factors – you will be awarded a star rating (1 to 5 stars) which then has a direct impact on how much money you are reimbursed for Medicare and Medicaid services as well as enrollment.

 Obtaining the coveted 5-star rating, as opposed to an average 3-star rating, can mean the difference of millions of dollars to a large healthcare organization.

LanguageLine Solutions is ready and willing to help

Here at LanguageLine Solutions, we prepare for the CMS call monitoring study all year. One of the key sections of the assessment has to do with accuracy and accessibility for Medicare and Medicaid’s LEP population – the approximately 8% of all Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries who are not proficient in English.

When testing your call center for accuracy and access for this population, the CMS callers will be confirming that LEP beneficiaries receive accurate interpretation in a timely manner (no more than 7 minutes from the time your representative picks up the phone until the caller can ask their first question to the interpreter.) They will also be confirming that the interpretation provided is accurate and complete.

That’s where LanguageLine Solutions comes in as a healthcare industry partner for success.

Our interpreters are specially trained to handle the CMS monitoring calls successfully. We train and monitor them throughout the year with CMS standards as part of the requirements. We also monitor announcements throughout the year so we can stay on top of any adjustments to the CMS compliance guidelines and we educate our interpreters accordingly.

Additionally, we bring on more staff for the period during which the monitoring program takes place so that the higher call volume is adequately handled without adding any unnecessary wait time.

Beyond just preparing our interpreters and staying on top of changes, we also partner directly with our clients to educate call centers about how to best succeed during the evaluation and how to maximize score. Via webinars, conference calls, and/or on-site training and auditing, we help you prepare to do your best during the monitoring period.

Our new communications and administrative software platform, Olympus, also adds to the speed and accuracy with which our interpreters are able to assist you with any language access needs, including during the CMS monitoring study. It allows for multi-modal translation and interpretation that is seamlessly integrated into each interaction, providing the most appropriate and helpful solution for the situation.

To summarize, partnering with LanguageLine Solutions offers your healthcare organization benefits:

  • Access to highly trained interpreters
  • Linguists held to the most current CMS guidelines
  • Added staff to handle the higher call volumes expected
  • A state-of-the-art software platform to expedite calls
  • Education and guidance to succeed as a call center

To learn more about how LanguageLine Solutions can help you succeed during the study, even helping you secure a valuable 5-star rating with translation services, download our free whitepaper below or contact us today to discuss your needs directly with an account representative.

To read more about the impact of the CMS Accuracy and Accessibliity Study on your organization and how you can prepare for success, download our free whitepaper.

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