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How Banks Can Reach Hispanic Consumers

Posted by Kathy Peters on November 1, 2018

As retail banks and other financial institutions set their sights on the future, they see a landscape filled with growing disruption. In addition to the rapid adoption of new technologies, the industry also realizes that U.S. consumers of the future are likely to be more racially and ethnically diverse. Among multicultural consumers in the United States, Hispanics are the fastest-growing group, expected to account for over half of all population growth by 2020.

Presenting financial products in a way that appeals to Hispanic-American consumers is a growth goal for many in the industry. But survey data show that banks have a long way to go in this area.

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Cardiovascular Care Education for Hispanic Patients

Posted by Kathy Peters on March 2, 2015

As we're leaving Heart Health Month behind, it's a perfect opportunity to make a commitment to educating all patients, regardless of the language they speak, about what they can do to maintain a healthy heart and avoid behaviors that can do damage.

A recent study indicated that one out of five diabetics in the United States is an Hispanic adult, accounting for nearly 1/3 of all Hispanic adults. According to heart.org, “75 percent of Mexican-American men and 72 percent of women age 20 and older are overweight or obese.” The same article noted that “65 percent of Mexican-American men and 74 percent of Mexican-American women did not participate in leisure-time physical activity.” Likewise, “among Hispanics who experienced a stroke, 72 percent had high blood pressure, compared to 66 percent in non-Hispanic whites.”

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